Press Coffee Food & Wine Powers Digital Menus with Audience Software

Press Coffee Food & Wine Powers Digital Menus with Audience Software


Press Coffee Food & Wine, located in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, is using the Audience software platform to manage content on digital menu boards throughout the facility. Located in Terminal 4, Press Coffee offers a wide variety of specialty drinks, baked goods, sandwiches, beer and wine to the more than 100,000 daily travelers and employees of Sky Harbor International Airport. Five 55” Samsung displays are being used to display menu items and promote various feature items and daily specials..

After a formal selection process, Advision Media LLC was picked to manage the project in collaboration with Authorized Audience Reseller, KarePKG Solutions LLC. Services provided include complete installation, maintenance, hosting services, video production, content creation and delivery.

KarePKG Solutions LLC supplied the Audience software responsible for the scheduling and management of content for the digital signage displays.

Developed by Capital Networks Limited, the Audience platform was chosen based on the ability to meet three main requirements. With plans to expand into other terminals and cities in the U.S., choosing a highly scalable software solution was imperative to Press Coffee. Constantly changing content and the need to automatically daypart items offered during different times of day required a flexible, easy to use solution.

“Perhaps the most essential requirement, and the reason we ran with Audience, is that the software needed to be highly reliable” said Dwight Moss, Founder/President of Advision Media LLC. “We needed a system that the client could trust to perform at all times. At Press Coffee, the digital menu is the only way customers order. There are no printed menus. Audience absolutely provides the reliability we were looking for. It’s a very robust product and the client is very pleased.”

"We are very happy with our digital menu boards, says Kurt Mangum, President of Press Coffee Food and Wine. The system has work perfectly for us, scheduling is a snap and we love the look.

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