Oxford Properties Group Picks Audience Software for Scarborough Town Centre Signage

Oxford Properties Group Picks Audience Software for Scarborough Town Centre Signage


Oxford Properties Group is using the Audience software platform to provide new way finding and promotional digital signage as part of the recent renovation to Scarborough Town Centre. Located in Scarborough, Ontario, the upscale shopping centre is the fourth largest in Greater Toronto with over 1,318,000 square feet and more than 220 stores, including The Bay, Sears, Wal-Mart and Old Navy.

Capital Networks Limited, in partnership with Toronto based Fifteen Degrees Ltd, provided the Audience software platform which is responsible for the management of content displayed across the Scarborough Town Centre digital signage network. Fifteen Degrees provided production of the directories and manages and operates the network on behalf of Oxford Properties Group.

Located at each of the shopping centre's 9 entrances as well as several locations throughout the interior of the mall, the kiosks consist of double sided, bezel-less 70 inch LCD screens. While one side of the kiosk is dedicated to displaying the Scarborough Town Centre maps, store listing and directories, the other runs a rotation of full screen advertising and special event promotion.

The decision to switch from printed directory displays to digital versions was prompted by several key factors, including the fact that monthly updates to the printed directories were often outdated even prior to installation due to the high frequency of store openings and closings. The Audience digital signage solution now allows for up to the minute updates to the directory maps and store listings, ensuring that timely information is always available.

Scarborough Town Centre also wanted more control over promotional messaging displayed on the directories and looked to digital signage as an opportunity to increase revenue through both client advertising and the promotion of upcoming Scarborough Town Centre events.

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